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Conference Papers

Kırcalı,D., Tek,F.B,“Ground Plane Detection Using an RGB-D Sensor”, 29th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences (ISCIS2014), Krakow, Poland, Accepted

Kırcalı,D., Tek,F.B, İyidir,İ.K., “Ground Plane Detection Using Kinect Sensor”, 21st Signal Processing and Comunications Applications Conference (SIU2013), Girne, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, April 2013

İyidir,İ.K., Tek,F.B, Kırcalı,D., “Adaptive Visual Obstacle Detection for Mobile Robots Using Monocular Camera”, ECCV 2012- 3rd Computer Vision in Vehicle Technologies Workshop (CVVT2012), Florence, Italy, October 2012

PostGraduate MSc Thesis in Progress

Kerem GÖÇEN,“”, M.S. Thesis, Işık University, cont.

PostGraduate MSc Thesis Completed

Doğan KIRCALI, “Ground Plane Detection Using an RGB-D Camera for Quadcopter Landing”,  M.S. Thesis, Işık University, 2013(pdf)(poster)

İbrahim K. İYİDİR, “Visual Obstacle Detection and Avoidance for Indoor Mobile Robots”, M.S. Thesis, Işık University, 2012. (pdf)

Hakan YILMAZ, “Navigation of Autonomous Vehicle in Indoor Environment”,  M.S. Thesis,Işık University, 2011

UnderGraduate Thesis in Progress

UnderGraduate Thesis Completed

Altuğ KEÇİCİLER, “GPS guided autonomous car using Kinect”, B.S. Thesis, Işık University, 2014

Kerem GÖÇEN, “Gesture Controlled Autonomously Following RC Car Using Microsoft Kinect“, B.S. Thesis, Işık University, 2012

Levent TOLUNAY, “GPS Guided Navigation with Obstacle Avoidance Using RC Car”, B.S. Thesis, Işık University, 2011

Berkan Selim ÖZKAN, “Obstacle Detection For Outdoor Auto Navigation”, B.S. Thesis, Işık University, 2010

Yavuz Efe SELİM, “2D Map Extraction in a Room”, B.S. Thesis, Işık University, 2010

İbrahim K. İYİDİR, “Following Objects Using RC Car”, B.S. Thesis, Işık University, 2010